Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another week gone...

This past week has flown by, but at the same time it felt like it would never end. I have 1 1/2 weeks until Thanksgiving break. Woohoo! I have been counting down for the past month. Have I mentioned that I hate my job. Don't get me wrong...I like working with kids and love math, but I sort of feel like it just isn't my calling this year. I feel like I should be spending more time with my kids and making a difference in other ways. It is just a gut feeling and don't read it the wrong way...I still do a bad ass job teaching and will continue to until I retire. Just maybe there is something missing..hell it may not even really be teaching but something else in my life.

On another note, my meal eating this week has been pretty good. I have eaten everything I have wanted with good portion control. I feel satisfied and not deprived. I have snacked on candy and made/ate some awesome reese's cookies. Although out of the 36 I made I believe I ate 6, Kaylee ate half of 1, and Chad ate the rest. He loved them! When he really likes something it makes it easier for me to not eat too much because he eats it really quick. Overall, this week was a success with eating. How is your eating and weight loss? I believe Stephanie and I are the only ones updating regularly. Good job Stephanie...keep up the good work! I guess Aj is on her honeymoon so I will let her slide...Ha!

Well...I am so excited to say that I have lost over 20 lbs since the beginning of July and the beginning of my blogging. Yay! Also, I can smell the 140's...they are not too far away...maybe by next week. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Current Weight: 151.2 (with cast)
Weight lost this week: 1.6 lbs
Total lost: 20.6


  1. You are doing awesome! You didn't post an October picture.

  2. Aj is back from her honeymoon and has some splaining to do! Pretty sure I gained 10 lbs.... and i'm completely ok with that! Food was FREAKING AWESOME and oh so plentiful.

    Mainly wanted to tell you i live your in november's picture and you look amazing!!

    Love you!