Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meal Plan and a new challenge

Why does it take a little friendly competition to get my butt in gear?  Why can't I just do it because I need to and it makes me feel better?  It is because I am lazy and have been feeling all depressed and weird lately so I let myself slip and gain a little weight back.  Then once I started this vicious cycle of gaining and indulging on every little chocolate craving I have, it has been hard to stop.  

So what solution did I come up with?  A little friendly competition because, well, lets face it.  I HATE to lose!  So knowing that it would get me back on the right track, I proposed a wager with one of my friends at work.  She wants to lose some weight and so do I so what better way to do it, but together and at the price of mani's and pedi's paid by the "smallest" loser.  Not the smallest person, but the smallest percentage of weight lost.  We have until June 10th to see which one of us will lose the biggest percentage of weight.  All I can say is...she doesn't know what she has gotten herself into or I don't because she is very competitive as well : )

We came up with the wager and rules on Wednesday last week so she and I pigged out on Wednesday night as our final indulgence and then had our official weigh in Thursday morning.  I'm happy to report that since that morning I have already lost 3.8 lbs. Granted I gained about 2 the night before weigh in, but hey I'm on the right track and have done pretty well.  Lately, weekends have been really bad, but this one has been successful..even with a girls night at a mexican food restaurant .  It feels good. 

Meal planning has really helped, so here it is for this week...
Sunday-Buffalo Chicken and mixed veggies
Monday-steak and mashed potatoes
Tuesday-Apple-Chicken sausage, corn, crescent rolls
Wednesday-Chicken and fried okra
Thursday-Cheese tortellini and garlic bread
Friday- ??? Always up in the air 

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  1. Hey what ever motivates ya :) I know you will kick ass!!